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Yoga with Kerry RYT1000, E-RYT500

Traditional, classical, yoga since 1990.  

 Yoga citta vrttinirodhah” which means Yoga is the cessation of the fluctuations of the mind. When we master that, we are more able to find peace and contentment. ~ Patanjali 

Yoga Classes

Spring/Summer Super Deal!

May 17-Aug 31 (16 weeks)

cost: $99.00

drop in: $10.00

Classes are traditional in that all aspects of Yoga are experienced in a gentle, deep mindful way. Each participant is encouraged to observe themselves and connect to sensation rather than an idea of what they “should” be doing or look like. Vedic philosophy, sutra knowledge, pranayama, mantra, meditation, as well as asana (body stretches and shapes building towards a pose to find peace and stillness within) are all touched on. There is an emphasis on educating participants through experience how to quiet the mind, which may result in a healthier more balanced self. These classes are appropriate for all levels, including beginners, but more so for folks looking to understand this ancient practice as a means towards a more preferable lifestyle.



Yoga is my passion, my dharma, my life, on all levels.


Yoga became a part of my life in the 1960s when I was a child with my Mother studying and practicing Yoga. She became a Yoga teacher. Her training was of the Krishnamacharya lineage as she was a student of a disciple of Krishnamacharya. This means my first experience of Yoga was very traditional in that it encompassed all aspects of Yoga – mantra, philosophy, Ayurveda, meditation, pranayama, as well as basic asana. Mom learned it as a means to mend mental and physical health through balance and stillness. Yoga was engaged by folks back then who were seeking a path to a healthier and happier life. I assisted my Mother when she taught physically compromised youth at the YMCA in my hometown, and I accompanied her when she taught the “addictions” crowd at the local facility.


In the last 30 years I have obtained my own RYT1000 hours of certification as well as many additional certifications from courses with teachers such as Doctor Timothy McCall (Yoga as Medicine) and David Emmerson (Trauma Sensitive Yoga). My original 500 hour certification is with Therapeutic Approach Yoga Studio in Halifax NS. My RYT1000 was granted by The Yoga Studio College of Canada in recognition of the work and study I have done during several extended trips to India, working with masters, Gurus and Swamis of the Krishnamacharya (at KYM  in Chennai, India) and Sivananda (in Rishikesh) lineages. I have also spent time at many ashrams and Yoga Schools in India such as Kavailyadhama Yoga and Research Institite in Lonavala , taking the programs there and experiencing the place where both Krishnamacharya and BKS Iyengar worked and lectured. In Canada I have lived at the Sivananda ashram in Val Morin, Quebec.


I have been working in the Canadian Arctic since 2003 teaching Yoga in schools, addiction facilities, prisons and Elder centers. I developed and implemented a program for the North entitled “Building Resiliency for Youth through Yoga”. It was delivered to staff and school teachers throughout communities in the Arctic regions of Nunavut and Northwest Territories.
I am the lead teacher and facilitator of the Saimavik Yoga Teacher Training School that offers a traditional Trauma Sensitive approach for the RYT200 certification course. Currently it is being offered in Tusket Nova Scotia Canada. I am available to travel and deliver this certification course anywhere a group is ready. I also have assisted in teaching many RYT200 courses throughout Canada.
Through my experiences of offering community classes and workshops, facilitating several intensive Yoga retreats in Canada, travelling through India with groups, and leading RYT 200hr courses I have seen many folks (young and old) go through a personal transformation enabling them to move into a more helpful balanced and peaceful life.

Also, I was selected as one of the 7 Yoga Teachers profiled for the international documentary movie Planet Yoga. It was released in 2010.

Tusket House is an Ashram

located in Tusket Nova Scotia Canada

902-648-7828 (facebook page Tusket House)

What is an Ashram

It is a spiritual residential home. Folks can stay here to attend events such as classes, courses and retreats. Or if one needs a break from the material world, immersing themselves in a spiritual setting to focus on practice,, this is the place. There is no staff, everyone lives together as family, pitching in with meals, clean up and the daily running of the household. 

How Does it Work

We offer events where folks can come daily, staying elsewhere, or stay here, in residence. Room costs are to be added on to program cost (unless otherwise stated). Private queen room  $60 per night,  double room $50 per night, shared and tenting space is $25 per night..


Event costs vary. Most events include healthy vegetarian meals with some dairy and gluten free choices.  


"Retreat" from your everyday life by living in a Yoga community of like minded folks. Experience what it means to actually "Live Yoga" 24/7. Not by changing who you are, or your life, but by connecting to your own true Self, through practices enabling you to discover your inherent natural and authentic being.  Truly LIVE YOGA.   


Retreats usually begin at 3:00pm on first day, and end at noon on departure day. (these times may differ for smaller retreats)They are based on Traditional Yoga and Ayurveda principles and practices. The practices are gentle, allowing the participant to "retreat" from the difficulties and challenges of the extreme circumstance of today.  There is a residential option meaning participants can choose to stay in a private room, or shared space at Tusket House, or use own tent or camper on the property. There is often a theme for retreats and the schedule and programming will reflect that. A schedule and outline is given to participants upon arrival. Each day usually begins at 8am and ends at 8pm with 2 hrs off for lunch. There is a 1/2 hr - 45min morning and afternoon break and 1 hr off at suppertime. Prices include healthy vegetarian meals, some prepared by Ayurveda chef, Kabir Raj Rana, some prepared as a group, as part of learning healthy meal practices and menus. *please note - for longer stays there may be a request to bring assigned grocery items, or pot luck, to help keep costs down

May 26-29 Chair Yoga Teacher Training Certification (scroll below for details)

June 4-27  200hr YTT (scroll below for details)

July 14-16  Heart Opening Retreat with Adrienne and Rochelle (scroll poster below for details)

July 26-30 Annual Summer Retreat (incl a fishing boat ride to Tusket Islands for picnic and meditation on an Island-weather permitting) - see poster below

Aug 11-13 Mens Yoga Retreat facilitated by Trauma Awareness Yoga Teacher, Jon Collins see poster below

Oct 22-31 100hr Deep Yoga Study and Practice Retreat (scroll below for details)  


please email Kerry Lawson to register or call 902-648-7828 for the Chair Yoga Retreat, and email Adrienne Wood for the Heart Opening Workshop Thankyou

More Retreat Posters

July Retreat

please email Kerry to register

Men's Retreat

please email Kerry to register

200hr Yoga Teacher Training (In Person)    June 4-27, 2023

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Certification

*Learn how to work with folks wishing to find balance and equanimity within their own lives holistically; Yoga as part of Ayurveda.
*Emphasizing how to teach in a way sensitive for students dealing with challenges as a result of trauma and/or high stress.
*Focus on deep inner body work in a gentle, authentic (non-coercive) way. The asana component of this training will be centered on how to work with it as a pathway for one to travel deeper within to your Self. Although asana is an excellent form of fitness in any way it is practiced, this training will not have an emphasis on learning or teaching it as a form of fitness workout.
*Traditional approach including history and roots of Yoga as outlined in Veda. Philosophy component will be based mostly on Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, as well as some Veda and Upanishad
*Beneficial for those who wish a certification in many aspects of Traditional Yoga, not only asana.. Ideal for certified instructors seeking to enrich their teaching scope. Appropriate for those who may not wish to teach, but do wish to connect more deeply with their own Self through a traditional Yoga approach.

This training will be given in a 2 part (11 days module 1, 3 days off, then 10 days module 2 ) immersion/retreat formula, in the true traditional way.

*Certification is given through Yoga Studio College of Canada

Cost & Specifics for the Tusket House YTT

Module 1: June 4-14 Module 2: June 18-27          *3days off in between modules (June 15,16 & 17 are days off for rest and integration)

 arrival day times 3:00pm  (June 4 and 18 are arrival days) ,  departure day  times 12:30 noon  (June 14 and 27 are departure days)

Total price: $2,400 includes manual, not including food, accommodation and required books. $3,000 - $3,200 including food, accommodation (depends on which room - private deluxe, standard or shared) *also, all participants who sign up for food plan, or are staying in residence will be asked to bring some assigned groceries to help keep food costs down

see Required books section below. These books are not provided in cost of course. It is the students responsibility to obtain these books at own expense.

$500 deposit to commit to the program and reserve your spot. 

$950 (+ $300 for food and accommodation, if staying at venue) due upon arrival Module 1

$950 (+ $300 for food and accommodation, if staying at venue) due upon arrival Module 2

*if one is staying offsite, but wishes to take part in meals, a "meal plan" cost can be worked out

  Required books:      *please be sure to have books by start of course

"Instructing Hatha Yoga" a guide for Teachers and students by Diane M Ambrosini

 "Yoga Anatomy"  by Leslie Kaminoff and Amy Mathews

  "Overcoming Trauma through Yoga" by David Emmerson and Elizabeth Hopper, PhD

Recommended, but not required:

"Does Yoga Work?" Answers from Science by Mary Flagherty PhD

"The Body Keeps the Score" by Bessel Van Der Kolk

"Ayurveda" the Science of  Self Healing by Dr. Vasant Lad

"When the Body says No" by Gabore Mate

please note-personal, altered payment plans may be discussed with Kerry if above payment plan is a challenge

*this course is for adults only, incl residential stays.

Associate Teachers

All our teachers are certified Yoga instructors themselves with their own unique specialties. The anatomy portions are taught by massage therapists. The Ayurveda portions are taught by folks who have studied Ayurveda and live the lifestyle.


Kabir Raj Rana was born and raised in a remote, isolated village in the Himalayan region of northern India. The closest medical attention was by foot or oxcart (there was no road) to a bus that would take 10 hours before reaching a doctor. As a result, Kabir learned Ayurveda and Yoga as a means to survive and heal. It is part of him. As an adult he graduated Kavailyadhama Yoga and Ayurveda Research Institute certification course and then went on to the Vivekananda University in Bangalore. May 1 2011 Kabir Immigrated to Canada and is now a Canadian citizen sharing his expertise with us.  

Oct 22-31, 2023 

100 hour certification Advanced Yoga Intensive      

come live the full Yoga experience 24/7 with the teachers in the traditional way

for those with a 200hr certification or those who wish deeper study of Yoga especially as a way to help heal from trauma.

* this course is appropriate for those who have already done the 100hr level 1. This course will be covering new and different material from the previous level 1. This will count as an additional 100hr towards your 500hr

course includes:

*use of props and assists


*Yoga Sutras, Veda and Upanishad




*trauma awareness *what that means and how to work with it, on a larger scale than what was covered in previous level ones




*nidra with sankalpa


*sacred sound and movement

*nature practices

and much more....         

                  and much more

This course may be used towards a 500hr Yoga Studio College of Canada certification designation. Add it to your existing 200hr (obtained by any school), take the 100hr Intensive Level 2 (date to be announced) and show proof of a total of 100 additional study and/or teaching hours. Each case will be reviewed individually, please discuss details with Kerry. 

Total price: $1,200 including manual, not including food, accommodations and books. $1,500 including food, *accommodations and manual. *accommodation may be shared, 2 people per room

Payment is as follows: $300  deposit to hold your spot once you have registered, balance paid upon start of course, when you have arrived

To register, please contact Kerry for an application. 

*this course is for adults only, including residential stays

Books to be ordered and paid for by student. (manual is included) Please be sure to have the required books by start of course.

Required books:  "Instructing Hatha Yoga" a guide for Teachers and students  by Diane M Ambrosini

"Yoga Anatomy" second edition by Leslie Kaminoff and Amy Mathews

not required but suggested  "The Myth of Normal" by Gabor Mate MD

"Heart of Yoga: Developing a Personal Practice" by T.K.V. Desikachar

"Overcoming Trauma through Yoga" by David Emmerson and Elizabeth Hopper, PhD

"Light on the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali" by B.K.S. Iyengar

"The Secret of the Yoga Sutras" by Rajmani Tigunait

"The Practice of the Yoga Sutras" by Rajmani Tigunail


Yoga with Youth

Yoga in Daycare

Little ones love to explore what they can do with their bodies. They have no fear and Yoga helps them to move and navigate the world discovering things they didnt even know they could do. This is very empowering and teaches them to be "comfortable in their own skin" at a very early age. This serves them well during difficult and challenging times throughout their life.

Yoga in Schools

My daughter entered kindergarten in the public school system in 1992, after being raised in a very quiet, calm atmosphere, She was traumatized and refused to speak at school. I volunteered Yoga in her classroom twice a week. It helped her, as well as the other little ones adapting, immensely. I realized then Yoga must become a part of the school system. It was then I dedicated my life to doing whatever it took for Yoga to be part of the public school system. Long story short....(I could write a book just on that process) Yoga is part of the public school system in most of Canada. Of course, the practice becoming mainstream, and many, many of us wanting the same thing during that time certainly helped! 

Yoga for tired Mamas

The benefits of Yoga for Mamas and their babies and children is profound. 


No equipment needed. Anyone can do it. Especially beneficial for the Youth who are not sports or competitive minded. By the way, children LOVE to be taught (and given permission) to quiet the mind and find stillness.


Kerry Lawson

Phone:  (902) 648-7828